Saturday, 25 February 2012

A present for my brother, a Rock Ape Officer. He's immensely proud to be in the Royal Air Force, so for Christmas I thought I'd give him something to legitimise his Forces status!
Main Character turnaround
Zombie Turnaround
boss turnaround

 These are a selection of turnaround for character designs for a previous module involving games art. The main theme was concept art and secondarily was bio-mechanical prosthesis. The idea is of a zombie game where the main character has a mechanical arm which feeds an anti-infection serum to keep the character going. The boss character above is an example of what happens if you can't replace the serum cartridge in time...

Carrying on from the previous work, this is a sketch in the same style for my girlfriend. I tried to have something different for it, and to expand on what I'd done before by playing with brush patterns. Guess who likes butterflies... :)
This is one of my original attempts at a stylistic image on photoshop. It's mainly an exercise with pen tool and using selective gradients in my work.